News 22 Oct, 2018

Glycotest™ Closes $10 Million Series A Financing with Fosun Pharma

News 04 Jan, 2018

Glycotest™ HCC Panel Completes Successful Clinical Product Evaluation

News 02 Nov, 2017

Glycotest™ Expands Patent Portfolio with Chinese Patent

News 05 Oct, 2017

Glycotest™ Announces Grant of Japanese Patent

News 07 Jul, 2017

Glycotest™ Intellectual Property Portfolio Expanded by United Sates, European and Australian Patents

News 26 Jun, 2017

Glycotest Update

News 27 Sep, 2016

Glycotest Innovator Joins the Medical University of South Carolina as the New SmartState Endowed Chair of Proteomic Biomarkers

News 12 Sep, 2016

Glycotest Intellectual Property Portfolio Strengthened by Grant of Japanese Patent

News 22 Jun, 2016

Dr. Timothy Block, President, Baruch S. Blumberg Institute and the Hepatitis B Foundation, in a video on the Glycotest Technology

News 22 Jun, 2016

Lawrence Cohen, CEO of Glycotest, presented at Net Scientific’s June 2016 Capital Markets Day.