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Ernest Schneider
Ernest Schneider

Ernest Schneider is a solicitor, patent & trade mark attorney and accredited mediator.

He was a partner with two large London law firms after which he established a successful international niche intellectual property firm.  Ernest has negotiated and drafted numerous technology cross-licence, joint venture and M&A agreements.  He has masterminded, put in place and maintained a worldwide licensing programme with hundreds of patent licence agreements. He has enforced, defended and challenged intellectual property rights around the world, conducting litigation, arbitration and mediation in most countries in Europe and in the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand. Interwoven with his legal practice, Ernest has held executive and non-executive directorships and chairmanships in industry. He also has personal entrepreneurial experience, having set up and shut down a couple of business ventures of his own.

Ernest grew up in Lancaster, Florida and Luxembourg where he took his baccalauréat in sciences. He obtained his first degree in economics from Lancaster University Management School and then read law and postgraduate EU law at Leeds Business School.  He is fluent in French, German and Lëtzebuergesch, has fluent but colloquial Hungarian and useful intermediate Spanish.